Thursday, June 27, 2013

Intoduction to AP :)

 1. Who are you? 
    I am Ricky Luna.

2. Why are you taking this course?
    I took Dr. Preston's english class just this past school year. Totally different and way better. I am not going back to a regular english class ever again!

3. What do you hope to get out of the experience?
    I hope I get to become more of leader and show people how education is important and how online open source learning can help in a affective way.

4. What (if anything) gets you excited or nervous when you think about next year in general or this course in specific?
 I am excited that I am actually taking a AP class next year. I've never tooken a honors or AP class before so this will be my first and I ready to show people what I am going to bring to the table.

5. In your life, what do you care enough about to give it your all?* (*this doesn't have to be academic or school-related)
I really care about drums, drumming, music, music education, open source learning, and how using social media can help people i many different ways.

6. How can this course help you achieve your goals and set the stage for a senior year that blows the doors off expectations and requirements?
Well just taking Dr. Preston's class has helped me achieve goals that I would have never thought to reach before, educationally and personally. I also think taking the course will help me even more using what I or what other people like to do and incorporating to any form of literature that no one would have ever thought to be relatable at all.

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