Tuesday, February 11, 2014


1. Well for anyone who don't really know me or that don't know me at all, I am really passionate about drums and percussion. Some would say that it's a fetish but oh well! For this project I wanted to go all out, so I will be collaborating with my good friend/fellow drummer, Sam Wellard. We decided putting both of our passions for drumming and also Sam's passion for film making and mash them up by doing a drum video featuring myself, Sam, and other fellow drummers that want to participate. BUT! Yes, there is a "BUT!" We will be getting a small'ish drumset and play all over town. We will also be filming it and once we're all done Sam will edit it and we will turn it into a video/short film.

2. After we finish the final product of the film we plan to post it on the internet. Especially the very popular social media websites/sources like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and etc.

3. To me it would be awesome just doing it. Drumming with my friends and making it into a video that we can post it on the internet, how is that not awesome?

4. I think what will impress others is that we used our passions to make this project come to life and I feel like it would really benefit us. I want to go into a career in music and Sam wants to go into film making and if this film is good and gets a lot of attention it could possibly open some doors in the future.

5. I really want to start putting my drumming out there online so that way people can see me play and I can get feedback. I think this a great way to get that started.

6. Anyone watches the video is our network because they can comment and give feedback on what they like, what they didn't like, what was really cool and what wasn't and etc. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Literature Analyisis: Zoot Suit

For my literature analysis I decided to read "Zoot Suit" by Luis Valdez. One of the things a I really like about this book is that was based on the zoot suit era and also they way that Valdez chose to write the book. He did a bilingual dialect, so he had the characters speak in english and in spanish which I thought was really cool and interesting because you really get that feel of being in that zoot suit, latino vibe and it really makes the story come to life and I am sure that Valdez wanted to capture the time period that the book was based on.
So the story is about a man named Henry Reyna and how he is trying to leave his street gang to join arm forces. Sadly he runs through some obstacles along the way and what eventually happens is that he and his gang were charged with murder for the death of a rival gang member named Jose Williams. Even though not much evidence were directed to Henry and his gang the jury were not big fans of them and were sentenced to prison.The time he was in prison he really starts to listen to his own voice and later lost the the interest in the crazy zoot suit pachuco life.

Reading this story, I can say I got very attached to and was actually sad after because I finished a book that I really liked. I highly recommend it to others who want to read this, I promise you that you wont be disappointed. :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hacking Eduacation

   One thing I want to learn before June is literally anything! I am open to any type of knowledge that comes my way. Instead of trying so hard to learn or figure out one certain thing, why not trying to learn multiple things that just just come to you. That's definitely one of the ways how I have learned something and that has stuck is if I stumble upon knowledge instead of trying to figure out or finding something for who knows what amount of time. I find that the knowledge that I have stumbled upon in the past, I have been using it to this day because for some reason it just had that effect on grasping my attention and I really wanted to express the knowledge I know to other people and others sharing whatever knowledge they know to me .

What's In This For Me?

   What's in this for me? Now I have done some real deep thinking about this question and all I really want to do is show people what I can bring to the table. Last semester I really didn't bring my A Game and that really bothered me through because I knew what I was supposed to do but I never really tried to attempt to do anything. That really bothered me through the break because not alone effect me but it also reflected me to other people that I wasn't hard working which I didn't want people to see me as. I want to show my classmates and other people that I'm not just someone that is there, I want to show them that I can step up to the plate and work hard to understand the material and other things that I am very knowledgeable in.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vocab #8

1. Abase: to reduce or lower in rank, office etc.
2. Abdicate: to give up or renounce.
3. Abomination: anything greatly disliked or detested.
4. Brusque: rude, blunt, rough.
5. Saboteur: a person that practices sabotage.
6. Debauchery: excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures.
7. Proliferate: to grow or produce.
8. Anachronism: someone or something that belongs in an earlier time period.
9. Nomenclature: names or terms used in a particular set or system.
10. Expurgate: to make appropriate by removing words/passages that are. offensive; to censor.
11. Bellicose: aggressive, hostile, ready to fight.
12. Gauche: lacking social grace;  awkward.
13. Rapacious: satisfaction of greed.
14. Paradox: a proposition that seems contradictory, but may be true.
15. Conundrum: a riddle, puzzle.
16. Anomaly: someone or something abnormal. 
17. Ephemeral: short-lived, lasting a brief moment.
18. Rancorous: someone who is full of resentment/ hate.
19. Churlish: rude, vulgar behavior.
20. Precipitous: very steep, dangerously high.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


     If I had more time I would have definitely would have studied a lot more because I pretty much crammed this midterm. Even though I felt like I did well in defining as many words as I did in the time I crammed. I was kind of bummed that I was spending all the time defining the words that I didn't get to start on the essay using the vocab. That was one of my only disappointments in the midterm.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tale Of A Canterbury Tale

   So me and my group decided to choose The Monk's Tale. In his tale he listed a series of tragedies as a warning to the other characters. In his first tragedy story he brings up Lucifer and how he fell from heaven all the way down to hell. Then he brings up Adam who apparently was the one man not born of original sin. He list many other characters and their tragedies such as Sampson, Hercules, Nabugodonosor (I have no idea how to pronounce that), Balthasar, and many other ones that I don't want to write down since there is still quite a handful of them, but you get the point. 
   What I noticed as he was telling all of these biblical characters tragedies he wasn't really using any of them to make them stand out from the rest or be a main character to his story(stories). 

    A lot of this information I got was in this website. 
Also my fellow classmates Mia Levy and Javiar Solis have some nice information about The Monk's Tale so go check it out!