Tuesday, September 24, 2013


  My character, named X'O , is a real charmer. He isn't the best looking man in the world but he can sing like a angel and he uses that to put people into a sort of trance and he can pretty much can control them which a couple beautiful lyrics. Because of his amazing gift he has gotten pretty much what he has ever wanted. He has money, women, a big mansion, over a dozen cars, a jet, and more than you can imagine, but even though he has all these things it doesn't really satisfy him. He thinks he can use his amazing gift for something else now the question is, for what? 

  He was watching t.v. one day flipping through the channels and he end up watching the news because there was nothing good to watch. On the news they showed a lot of disasters that were going around the world and it was making him really sad. Then he had an idea which was that he can use his voice to stop and help disasters that were going around. He thought about for some time, then, he realized he was really hungry for some italian food so he went on his jet and flew Italy to eat at a fancy restaurant and the story leaves off there.   

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