Tuesday, February 11, 2014


1. Well for anyone who don't really know me or that don't know me at all, I am really passionate about drums and percussion. Some would say that it's a fetish but oh well! For this project I wanted to go all out, so I will be collaborating with my good friend/fellow drummer, Sam Wellard. We decided putting both of our passions for drumming and also Sam's passion for film making and mash them up by doing a drum video featuring myself, Sam, and other fellow drummers that want to participate. BUT! Yes, there is a "BUT!" We will be getting a small'ish drumset and play all over town. We will also be filming it and once we're all done Sam will edit it and we will turn it into a video/short film.

2. After we finish the final product of the film we plan to post it on the internet. Especially the very popular social media websites/sources like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and etc.

3. To me it would be awesome just doing it. Drumming with my friends and making it into a video that we can post it on the internet, how is that not awesome?

4. I think what will impress others is that we used our passions to make this project come to life and I feel like it would really benefit us. I want to go into a career in music and Sam wants to go into film making and if this film is good and gets a lot of attention it could possibly open some doors in the future.

5. I really want to start putting my drumming out there online so that way people can see me play and I can get feedback. I think this a great way to get that started.

6. Anyone watches the video is our network because they can comment and give feedback on what they like, what they didn't like, what was really cool and what wasn't and etc. 

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