Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Literature Analyisis: Zoot Suit

For my literature analysis I decided to read "Zoot Suit" by Luis Valdez. One of the things a I really like about this book is that was based on the zoot suit era and also they way that Valdez chose to write the book. He did a bilingual dialect, so he had the characters speak in english and in spanish which I thought was really cool and interesting because you really get that feel of being in that zoot suit, latino vibe and it really makes the story come to life and I am sure that Valdez wanted to capture the time period that the book was based on.
So the story is about a man named Henry Reyna and how he is trying to leave his street gang to join arm forces. Sadly he runs through some obstacles along the way and what eventually happens is that he and his gang were charged with murder for the death of a rival gang member named Jose Williams. Even though not much evidence were directed to Henry and his gang the jury were not big fans of them and were sentenced to prison.The time he was in prison he really starts to listen to his own voice and later lost the the interest in the crazy zoot suit pachuco life.

Reading this story, I can say I got very attached to and was actually sad after because I finished a book that I really liked. I highly recommend it to others who want to read this, I promise you that you wont be disappointed. :)

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