Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1987 AP Exam Essay #1

   Leisure has certainly changed compared to Eliot's time, especially when we start trying to compare his version to ours. In our time we think of leisure as free time, a break, or vacation. Basically having time to pleasure ourselves but back then it just meant waking up on a peaceful Sunday morning, eating a nice breakfast, read the newspaper, and etc. and over the years Eliot's definition of leisure compared to ours, they aren't exactly in the same ball park.

   As Eliot's definition of leisure compared to ours, I guess you can say that the leisure back then is now just described as a typical persons weekend or day. As to ours we see leisure as going to a theme park or leaving the country for a few days or weeks and having an amazing time and living life. Now even though these two version of leisure are very different I think that they have one similarity which is that we please ourselves. Sure the comparisons are still off by a lot but if someone can say that they enjoyed there I guess you can say "leisure time" by just sitting at home relaxing and reading the paper as to a someone going to Hawaii for a week then in a way they still managed to please themselves but in different ways.  

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