Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Big Question and My Opinion

My big question is why do people make such a big deal on what music genre is better? And why do they have to disrespect other genres to make the genre they like more superior?

For me I like I many genres of music whether It'd be pop, rock, indie, rap, hip hop, funk, metal, jazz/ fusion, latin, swing, techno, dubstep, R&B, soul, blues, reggae...well you get my point. The list goes on and on but I'm not going to name every genre known to man. But why do people have to have to choose which is superior? Now don't get me wrong I respect others peoples opinions, especially when it comes to music and if someone only likes and listens to one genre of music that's fine by me, but the one thing that infuriates me the most is when people start trash talkikng on another genre, now that pushes my buttons a little bit. As a musician (for those who don't know I play drums/ percussion and yes even though I play a instrument that is based on playing rhythmic patterns and beats, drummers/ percussion players are still considered musicians. Don't believe me? Look it up!) anyways, back on the topic. I feel like musicians have a better grasp of loving and respecting different styles of music as to one person who has no musical experience whatsoever and dissing on a bunch of genres that they never bothered to listen to or know nothing about the genre at all.

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  1. That makes me mad too! It seems to me that the arguments between the dubsteppers and the drum'n'bassers (or whatever you'd call them) get especially heated. As I understand it, dubstep evolved out of drum'n'bass, meaning drum'n'bass is "the original" but dubstep is "the future" and it turns into a big mess in the Pandora comments. (For what it's worth, I really like both, although I'm a liiiiiittle bit partial to drum'n'bass... or maybe more than a little haha ^_^) The only explanation I can give for it is just that people love to hate -- especially on the completely anonymous, flame-filled, magical world of the Internet.